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Victoria Napolitano for Joe Grasso Elite Training

Joe Grasso Elite Training

 Much like any other profound innovation, Joe Grasso Elite Training began with one tenacious individual and a simple idea. At a young age, Joe Grasso commenced his extensive  journey of weight and fitness training, that would revolutionize the way both fitness moguls and everyday folks regard training.

By trade marking what he referred to as "Explosive Power Training," Joe Grasso developed a weight training technique that refined muscle and shed body fat in an astronomically faster timeframe than most weight training plans. 

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Victoria Napolitano

Client: Paco Fernandez Fine Clothing - Chicago

Our Philosophy

Early on in his career in the fashion industry Paco developed a simple philosophy: Design quality clothing. Maintain outstanding guest service. Provide the best possible price. Always. We’ve applied this simple belief to decades of creating unique wardrobe pieces that make our clients feel like their best selves.

We applied our philosophy to six core service values:


Luxurious Cosmetics

The Victoria Napolitano Shopping Network - VNSN.TV

Luxury Trade Show Presenter Specialist

Victoria Napolitano will bring sophistication & elegance to your brand

  A highly adept and confident trade show presenter, Victoria is also great public speaker. She gives style, enthusiasm, and clarity to your presentation script, emceed event, or speaking engagement. Available for a scripted presentation  or an ad-lib event; Victoria's talent will attract, engage, and inform audiences across all industries with ease. 

Professional Lifestyle & Luxury Model


Images coming soon.


Victoria Napolitano

Images coming soon.


Victoria Napolitano

Images coming soon.

Our TOP GLOBAL Locations

Beverly Hills, California

Our headquarters is located on the corner of Rodeo Drive & Wilshire in the heart of 

Beverly Hills.

Monaco / Monte Carlo

Victoria will model and profile your product(s) in the heart of Monaco.

San Francisco, California

Victoria's will create an amazing backdrop for your product(s) with elegance, grace and style.

"A woman who cares deeply about others, who sees and experiences the beauty in the world unlike most people, and then spends her time finding ways to have them experience what she sees. A very classy woman who exudes sensuality and professionalism in the same moment. A woman who because of life, found something deep inside that keeps her persevering through each challenge life throws at her. A woman whose heart is more beautiful than her physical presence."

Mark E

Client - USA

Brand status - Luxury add on's to your shoot.


Either yacht on the Marina Del Rey, Monaco or the San Francisco Bay,  We will shoot your product(s) with a lavish backdrop.


Stills and video will be captured for your brand. Unlike other video clips you buy online no one else will have your video and/or images.

Private Jet

Victoria will be whisked off from Silicon Valley to LA, or Las Vegas to create an amazing video shoot including your product. 

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